By the roaring waves!

Eid Mubarak!

Variety of piquant,scrumptious and finger-licking dishes take place of the Ramzan’s special fried items,samosas and rolls and the beautiful moon announces the event of Eid!!!

The blissful day of Eid is a blessing of God for all Muslims who fasted in the month of Ramadhan.This is the day for which everybody is excited,from toddlers to wrinkled-poor to rich!This is the day when all discriminations,all woes and worries and enemities are forgotten and all hearts sing merrily-the praise of Almighty!

Yesterday Eid-ul-fitr was celebrated with full swing in all Muslim countries!The beatitude and euphoria makes each heart happy.Hugs and caresses are spread to deliver the message of love!the night before Eid,popularly known as Chand Raat is the night when Almighty judges our deeds and bleeses people who made Him and His people contened during Ramadhan!On this night,there is a huge traffic in shops where women tend to buy elegant,beautiful dresses,fragnant perfumes and appealing jewellery!

My eid day started after Fajr when I along with my sisters tidied up our home.Every nook and corner was cleaned and decorated.Then we dressed ourselves beautifully and enjoyed wonderful sweet dishes.sheer khurma  and kheer are special sweet-dishes for eid!Giving of EIDI was the most wonderful part! The television and media kept all Muslims informed of the flood that had hit Pakistan so that we could share their tears and keep them happy,like us!Afterwards we went to our neighbours to wish them the blissful day (and receive eidi!!).Later I will goto a party at  my grandmother’s house and I hope I will enjoy alot there!



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