Love is that colourful feeling of emotions;where happiness and sadness are always together!The two branches of love are like two sides of a picture:

Its a road.On each side are obstacles.You get a hand to help you out.Thats God..who helps u in passing every obstacle of life..If you return HIS bounties by loving Him,that is true love!Then nobody can come between u and Him and He will be more close to you than your nerves!

Its a road.On each side are obstacles.You look and look for a hand to help you out and finally comes one and grabs you.It helps you though but leaves you as soon as he finds another beautiful hand..and you are again left sranded on the same long road..Thats a human’s love..temporary yet so charming that one ignores spiritual love and falls deep into the temporary,colourful sea..

You know what I mean to say so there…I am SO NOT saying to ignore or disregard human love..NO and NEVER!Humans are made to love and thats a very natural feeling..but the point is,dont let God’s hand leave you by indulging yourself in human love only..And dont even pretend to love God only because God made us to love people.

Poet Louis I.Newman puts my last words in a better way:

I sought to hear the voice of God,

And climbed the topmost steeple,

But God declared:”go down again,

I dwell among the people………!!!”


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