Set Upset..!

Last few days I was quite upset and more than that,”confused!”…Yes seriously,and it was because of the thousand thoughts occupying my mind…You get it or not but it was somewhat like this that Half of my million thoughts were stored in the back cupboard of my mind to be thought and thought over..Memories to remember,points to shed tears on…,scenes to be embarrased at and thing to laugh at..!Ooh and yes,future plans and present tensions!!All had just disturbed my set of mind and made me “upset!” I had less time to think for what is going on and what had happened than to move the curtain of back mind,giving it place to crowd my already crowded mind…..

Well,life is all that circular disturbance,its just how you treat it..It will always welcome you with offending truths and bitter realities so why not put a role that accepts realities and move on with it..?(I know thats VERY difficult but why not just try?) Why not forgive someone instantly and why not PRETEND TO BE HAPPY FOR ALL THOSE PRETENDING TO BE HAPPY OUT THERE?

No life is perfect and nobody is born happy..But everybody is born with the ability of being happy and spreading happiness.Lets do that!!


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