Life is what you think it is!

Having a cup of coffee..

You sat by the window, lifted the cup, took a careless sip and found no sugar.
Too lazy to go for the sugar, you somehow managed with that sugar-less cup.

On finishing, you discovered undissolved sugar crystals at the bottom!

that’s how life is…

We never make any effort to value what is around or within us. Look around, maybe the sweetness you desire is closer than your imaginations..!

Life is easier when you expect less and give more!

We often blame people for being selfish, cruel and self-centered. But do we not consider what our own role here is? Aren’t we included in those “people” too? Probably somebody else thinks exactly of you like you think of others.
We make this world like it is. We create. We are equal partners in crime.

Which is why wise say:



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