Routine-like life!

Well,it’s this that days nowadays are quite boring..I was really pondering over this thing.I mean life has become so “SCHEDULE-LIKE”,hasn’t it? it tends to run away at full speed when you want to capture scenes and when you want to enjoy its colours…And it seems to stop TOTALLy when you are waiting for some thing badly! If its your night-before-exam,the time will fly away..And when you are waiting to go for picnic the next day,the sun will take too long to rise!!

More You look for something,the more it runs from you!



2 thoughts on “Routine-like life!

  1. Aleena Khan says:

    Still loving your blog! Write stories about what’s happening! I would love to hear a re-cap of Mehar Jabeen Khala’s daawat! Or maybe some other kind of stories!

    Take Care! Salam 🙂

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