This Valentine..

Heya people!

Valentine is coming by and all lovers seem to be very enthusiastic about it, after all “love” is something soo beautiful and exciting,right!

Well,but I don’t get one thing..It really irritates me..Does “love”-the sacred, holy blessing-requires some specific time or date to be celebrated??

Is it not something which should be celebrated every Milli, nano, pako,teeny-weeny second??!Isn’t this what true love is all about? Caring for your loved one-be it your mom, your dad, your friend, your Allah, anyone- at any time?and every time?

Then why on the earth we restrict ourselves to 14th February?In my idea, it’s a feeling to be cherished every time and enjoyed all-time..and i hope you agree too!!


7 thoughts on “This Valentine..

  1. fahaad humayun says:

    Why do we celebrate all other festivals,why is there a day for laborers and bankers and mourning of leaders. If there wasn’t a valentines day people would say, there should be a day to celebrate love.

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