By the roaring waves!

Pakistan-India Semifinal match!P.s. DOnt make worldcup a war!

Hello people!!!

Everybody is damn excited for the Pak-India worldcup and an excited aroma has filled up the air..From kids to adults, girls to men, and every every one is excited!

So much of the media coverage plus the text messages and yes, the facebook stuff, has made this event asΒ  “THE EVENT!”

All Pakistanis and Indians (and all the other cricket fans out there) are waiting badly for tomorrow..for the great match in Mohali..

Although rumors say that the match is fixed..everybody is hoping for the best,..

It seems like a huge war because people are taking it more than a sport and more than anything.It has become more like a matter of self-respect n ego..And I appeal all those reading this to control their emotions!:P

In the end, I hope, and I pray that my team wins!


10 thoughts on “Pakistan-India Semifinal match!P.s. DOnt make worldcup a war!

  1. muneeb elahi says:

    argh! dont make me so sad plz!!!!! I am not saying that but….. HAR MEDAN ME JEETA PAKISTAN AUR JEETE GA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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