BEST FATHER!-A tribute to my absolutely amazing father!

So indulged in our own lives, we usually take everything for granted. Our blessings, our belongings, and even our family members! We do understand that there are two hard-working people in our family who are working for us, but we rarely thank them or tell them that we understand that they love us! And that we love them too!

Every year comes Mother’s day or Father’s day; and that is when we realize that we owe something to our parents! And that we at least need to thank them for what they have been doing for us!

Especially our fathers, who usually spend the whole day out, face the scorching heat and hardships of the outer world..Why? To earn us a satisfactory and luxurious life..and we do never thank them for what he does for us!

So there-I pay tribute to my most amazing father! Someone who holds inspiration for me! Who if faces troubles, hide them away! Who gives light to the family! Who keeps all of us happy! And who is the best of the best! LOVE YOU DAD! ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “BEST FATHER!-A tribute to my absolutely amazing father!

  1. Tasu says:

    Daughters always have a special relationship with their fathers…..I miss mine – he is abraod, enjoy the time u have with yours…..

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