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Tech World!

The Russian scientists of Southern Federal University have made an outstanding elaboration of the systems of the mental computer control. For a certain period of time their colleagues from other cities are going to work out these programs and make deeper researches in order to create such system.

According to their opinion the system is going to work in the following way: special outfit should catch brain signals that go through the metal helmet with electrodes. The next step is that with the help of the signal enhancer, this signal should go to your computer.

Operating computer by the power of thought!




Rocking Wheel Chair is the newest interpretation of a rocking chair that combines both great design and comfort.

The upper part of the chair has the built-in light for reading.

Rocking Wheel chair!




Printer table is the greatest solution if you are short of space and if you care about the interior of your home or office.

The device looks like a usual furniture and acts both as a table and printer.

This must be the only printer when no one will grumble you if you put a cup of coffee on the top of it.

Printer table







2 thoughts on “Tech World!

  1. misswhiplash says:

    I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. It is much appreciated…
    I have ahad a look at your post, I do not like idea of putting electrodes on my head to use my computer and I did not think that the chair looked very comfortable. I am sure that when I nodded off in the evening I would fall on the floor.
    But I did enjoy the one about cats and dogs. I am a great animals lover and have 5 dogs , 2 cats and 2 donkeys. I can assure you that cats and dogs do live quite happily together.
    I got down to the flowers and loved that. I also use google to find things…
    Anyway long and short of it is..I have pressed the ‘follow’ button so that I shall not miss anymore

    • I thank you from the bottom of my heart misswhiplash for coming to my blog and for your detailed comment!
      Surely, having electrodes on one’s head would be both irritating and perhaps, harmful. However, operating your computer by the power of your thoughts seems to me to be a great future invention! I second you on the thought about the only-smart-in-looks- chair!!
      It pleases me to know you enjoyed the other posts, because I quite enjoyed your comment=)

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