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Up for College!

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My first day at a new college!

Had a most tiring as well as exciting day!

Was too afraid to enter those new corridors, see those new faces, and challenges…However, took guidance of a ‘proctor’ and climbed some stairs to the top, only to find out that I had been climbing the wrong stairs!

Got down again, looked up for another ‘good’ proctor, found another way, and found my class too.


Maths sir was already teaching, but I got his points soon, because of a new friend with a very unique name, who helped me out:)

And then, chemistry and physics.

Oh and yes, after that, I BUNKED a class: NOT-KNOWINGLY!!(as in, seriously!)

After that, we got free periods, in which I, along with my other friends rampaged through the college and found out a lot of interesting places! From the Zoology department to the Home-economics section and Braille Room…

All in all, my first day went Crazily good, and I hope for the very best in the upcoming days!





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