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Has a book ever brought you to tears?

Cover of "A Little Princess (Illustrated ...

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Yeah… I read this years ago : A LITTLE PRINCESS.

It was about a young girl, an orphan, who was left to the mercy of this merciless world. It’s a classic by Frances Burnett and it literally brought me to crying.

Totally amazing, though.

Has a book ever brought YOU to tears? Which one?

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2 thoughts on “Has a book ever brought you to tears?

  1. naseha says:

    i’m an avid reader and many books have brought tears in my eyes.. a little princess, the book u’ve mentioned, is one of the finest classics ever written and this made me cry too.. other than that, j.k.Rowling’s master piece, Harry Potter’s 5th and 6th parts brought tears of loss in my eyes when sirius and dumbledore died in the 5th and 6th part of the series, respectively.. these are the tears i feel worth discussing..

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