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Sadness Tracks Happiness: Emotions.


Sadness tracks Happiness.


I came home today, and I was pretty excited for no reason…I laughed, and played, and shouted, and enjoyed. Later, I was trapped in that depressive mode of mine:

And I began humming sad tunes.



And pondering.

Why does that always happen? Why does sadness track happiness? Why is sadness powerful?



15 thoughts on “Sadness Tracks Happiness: Emotions.

  1. naseha says:

    yar this isn’t always the case.. and if u attract happiness, it’ll come to u, and if u attract sadness, it’ll come to u as well. remember that sadness is a crucial part of life but in some circumstances u cant completely change the picture by reacting positively and thus, converting dull times into livelier ones..

    • Thank you for the comment=)
      This is not a fact, I agree. But it often seems that ‘hard times follow good ones’ and vice verso. At one instant, you are so happy about anything and at the second instant, a bad memo or something invades your mind.. But its true, that happiness should be invited so that it comes:)

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    • Lol this post is kinda awkward. I found the answer in these years though and it’s so blunt it might not even be considered as an answer: it just happens because life. :3
      You come, you cry, you laugh, you die. It’s a series of unsurprising oddities. :3 sadness tracks happiness but [optimistic mode: ON, limited time] happiness tracks sadness too. ^_^ Inna ma’al usri yusra! :))

      • miss.mysterious says:

        Tell me what should I reda next?
        Ahaha XD you laugh…. and then BAM you die. 😛 Oh ohkay…
        I read TRAP *.* Im hoping you have a part 2 for that.
        No doubt! Inna ma’al usri yusra and Innal laha ma as sabireen 😀

        • Hahaha nahi laugh, phir pause, repeat middle cycle (of misery and joy)(+ insert normal days and surprises) then die. :3

          Part 2? Ohkaay… Socha nahi tha. Ab soch lungi. :p
          And beshak! 🙂 Innallaha ma as sabireen. :3 What you should read next? Ummmmm. Have you read Soulburst? And there’s Stars and poems..
          I realized I haven’t tagged my posts properly into fiction/stories ye wo. Will do. Khers. :3

          • miss.mysterious says:

            Haha,theeka. 😀
            Haan zaroor soochiyega ^.^
            I have read both of them XD I just didn’t comment. 😛 Tell me something else….
            Khairz (:

          • Lol MashaAllah. xD What do I suggest now? Ummm. Okay! Have you checked the Writing201 poems? They include an ode, a sonnet, a haiku, limerick, etc. I experimented with new forms for a short writing challenge. It was fun! (You can try them too if you’re interested!)
            Otherwise you can read Mystical Embrace and if you’re interested in prose, I’ll do another search. :p

          • miss.mysterious says:

            Hehe…I don’t always get Haikus :3 I might try to write one though.
            I think I haven’t read Mystical Embrace 😛 No don’t search!

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