Amusing Questions and Answers!

This is the second time I am posting about because I find their monthly newsletter so amusing!

Check these questions and answers!

Now read these with answers:

What is the square root of blue?


n HTML, the hexadecimal code for the color blue is #0000FF. In hexadecimal numbers (or base 16 numbers), F is the equivalent of 15. So, 0000FF is 255 in decimal form. The square root of 255 is approximately 15.968719423.
So, I believe it is safe to say that the square root of blue is approximately equal to 15.97.

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What is America’s favorite colored sock to wear?

White is definitely the most common. But most favorite? That’s harder to determine.

According to Crayola, blue is America’s most favorite color. So we’ll assume they like blue socks as well.

Read more:’s_favorite_colored_sock_to_wear#ixzz1eiDXgsGx

Do astronauts change their clocks when they move over different time zones in space?


No, they move over all time zones in about 90 minutes, so they would have to reset their watches about every 8 minutes. This would make it impractical for ground support people to keep track of what time they were on. On the Space Station, Coordinated Universal Time (usually called Greenwich Mean Time, GMT, or, in the military, Zulu Time) is used to regulate the onboard day.

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Which one did you find most interesting?


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