By the roaring waves!

December and Death.

Today, when I saw a coffin (of somebody I don’t know, but who used to live in the building next to mine), I realized that I had been taking December for myself only. I realized that I was living in my shell. Looking with my views only. Thinking of my life. Living for my life.

December is not only for me.

It’s not about small mishaps or about cold, chilly nights.

Not even about poetry and stuff.

It’s also about great losses.

Huge Losses.

Like that death of that man.

And the sorrow of the entire family.

And of all those people who mourned the death of the man.

December is Distressful.


Plus, nowadays its the sacred month of  Muharram . So, I see many people wearing black. I read about Hazrat Hussain (R.A) and Hazrat Hassan (R.A) in a magazine, and it really brought me to tears. Read this if you understand it:



P.s. I am NOT a shia. But love for Hazrat Hussain and Hassan (R.a.a) is obligatory for all Muslims because Prophet Muhammad(SAWW) said:Hassan and Hussain both are two flowers in my world” (meaning of a Hadees)…

P.S.S. I don’t know what you think of this. But I wanted to post about it.



7 thoughts on “December and Death.

  1. December is also for development, desires, and
    planning for a near year, contemplating on the year coming to an end.
    Life goes on 🙂 happy at times sad at others.

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