Why Can’t I blog? Help me out!

Hey readers!Not only are you reading my post after a long time, but also I was longing so much to write one! But boo my internet connection or wordpress service, that I can no longer view my dashboard or publish a new post. This time, I am trying the “post through e-mail” facility, hoping that I will get my blog published soon:( And what makes this worst is that the WP SUPPORT says they are closed until 2nd January.. which is when college will re-start:( and all those pretty things that I wanted to share will be buried until I get suitable time:((
Listen to this:
21st Dec– I had such a memorable day with my friends! It was our last day before Winter holidays, and I wanted to blog about all our fun and craziness…
22nd Dec– was my BIRTHDAY! and duh I wanted to blog that day! (A post titled “Birthday Bliss♥ is still saved in drafts, ready to be published..only that it can’t….)
25th Dec-today! Its Quaid-e-Azam ‘s birthday PLUS an important gathering at his mausoleum. And I went there, and lo! there was so much traffic, so much traffic, and so many fans of Imran Khan that you cannot imagine!!(unless you watched it on the television…)
So there! I hope the problem fixes soon and I get control ova my blog back!! Anybody knows how to fix the situation??<hopeful eyes>


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