By the roaring waves!

I won the prose elocution!

Yesterday was an elocution competition in my college, for which I had been selected along with 18 other students, from my entire college. The passage I chose for reading was from “HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS“, from the chapter ‘the Silver Doe’. It’s extremely lovely and full of expressions! The part I chose was when Harry found the silver creature; Snape’s patronus, and he ran after it. The doe led him to the spot in the forest where he finds the great sword of Gryffindor! (read about the chapter here on wikipedia)

SO I had been rehearsing for the 4 minute passage for weeks, for which my friend Yamna had helped me through out. I used to practice it along with her, and she used to guide me and pick mistakes.

Finally, the great day arrived. We participants were seated on the stage waiting for our turns to read before the judges and the entire hall full of students and professors! I was very tensed and my friends were all encouraging me. I kept repeating what my teacher Miss Tasneem had said a night before: Winning is only the cherry on top. To try is everything.

So I drank water, took a deep breath, gave a look at the crowd, and started when my name was called. My friends were counting on me, and mostly, I was counting on myself.

Long story short, I gave it my best shot for the satisfaction of it, and won.

I was awarded second position, a shield, a book and a certificate of recognition. Photographs were taken along with the teachers and principal, and the day ended in excitement and celebrations!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 ...

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22 thoughts on “I won the prose elocution!

  1. letsblogmore says:

    Hey, long time no comment.
    What has been going on? Guess, I’ll need to start reading your blog again to be in touch.

  2. OM says:

    hey please can u send me ur prose passage!!1 it wud be great help to me as i am preparing for the elocution competition plz reply at the earliest !!

    • Hi. It was this one:

      “Harry stared at the creature, filled with wonder, not at her strangeness, but her inexplicable familiarity. He felt that he had been waiting for her to come, but that he had forgotten, until this moment, that they had arranged to meet. His impulse to shout for Hermione, which had been so strong a moment ago, had gone. He knew, he would have staked his life on it, that she had come for him, and him alone. They gazed at each other for several long moments and then she turned and walked away. “No,” he said, and his voice was cracked with lack of use. “Come back!” She continued to step deliberately through the trees, and soon he brightness was striped by their thick black trunks. For one trembling second he hesitated. Caution murmured it could be a trick, a lure, a trap. But instinct, overwhelming instinct, told him that this was not Dark Magic. He set off in pursuit. Snow crunched beneath his feet, but the doe made no noise as she passed through the trees, for she was nothing but light. Deeper and deeper into the forest she led him, and Harry walked quickly, sure that when she stopped, she would allow him to approach her properly. And then she would speak and the voice would tell him what he needed to know. At last she came to a halt. She turned her beautiful head toward him once more, and he broke into a run, a question burning in him, but as he opened his lips to ask it, she vanished. Though the darkness had swallowed her whole, her burnished image was still imprinted on his retinas; it obscured his vision, brightening when he lowered his eyelids, disorienting him. Now fear came: Her presence had meant safety. “Lumos!” he whispered, and the wand-tip ignited. The imprint of the doe faded away with every blink of his eyes as he stood there, listening to the sounds of the forest, to distant crackles of twigs, soft swishes of snow. Was he about to be attacked? Had she enticed him into an ambush? Was he imagining that somebody stood beyond the reach of the wandlight, watching him? He held the wand higher. Nobody ran out at him, no flash of green light burst from behind a tree. Why, then, had she led him to this spot? Something gleamed in the light of the wand, and Harry spun about, but all that was there was a small, frozen pool, its black, cracked surface glittering as he raised his wand higher to examine it. He moved forward rather cautiously and looked down. The ice reflected his distorted shadow and the beam of wandlight, but deep below the thick, misty gray carapace, something else glinted. A great silver cross…”

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