By the roaring waves!

Died in love..

Yesterday noon, as I returned from a mall where I had gone with a group of friends, I saw a cage inside my house in which a cute, green chick lay dead. Shocked by the view, I ran to my mother to know what had been going on. She asked me to put the cage outside because the animal was dead, and then my bro told me what had happened:

My cousin who has come to Pakistan with his family for spending his holidays (and attending my sister’s wedding) had bought a couple of chicks a few days ago, and had taken them with him to one of his aunt’s house while he stayed there.

Unfortunately, another younger cousin (at aunt’s home) left the cage door unlocked, due to which a crow took a chick and flew away (and had a meal:/ ..)

Ozair was EXTREMELY heart-broken and cried A LOT! Later, he noticed that the remaining chick looked very sick. It was confirmed that it could not bear the loss of its friend and was about to die too.

He brought the chick to our place, and the kids gathered around. The sick, sad chick had stopped drinking water or eating its food. It flapped its wings for the last few times, opened his eyes and then closed them forever. He fell on the cage floor, and died too.

My youngest brother who witnessed the scene, had tears in his eyes, and my cousin got really heartbroken..

Later on, a cat ate the dead chick which had been kept outside.

It’s so true.

Distances kill you.

The chick who died because his mate died..


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