By the roaring waves!

Memory Erasure-again.


Remember my past post “Memory Erasing Pills“?

I had written:

“I would never like to erase my memories, however painful. I would like to open the cupboard of my thoughts, let the mixed memories flow towards sensation, and then feel them again. because when you think of any event at a later time, it usually brings things you never realized before…”

But I think I should change my statement;)

I would never want to erase my painful memories because I know that they bring a lot of lessons, but I would certainly like to COMPLETELY DELETE those memories that embarrass me whenever I think of them!!!

Last night when I was trying to sleep, some stupid stories began to disturb me and I was constantly thinking: What if others remember this too!!:D

I do agree that:

Like pieces of a puzzle, all of our memories are integral components towards our emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth. Those fragmented and composite bits and pieces have shaped and molded the people that we were and the people we are to become. (CBYOND1-)

However, I want to delete the entire pile of personal awkward memos and never want to remember them again!

(I am totally unsure if I should post this, but I’d still press the publish button!)

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