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Eternal Love~

What is it about grandparents that is so lovely?  I’d like to say that grandparents are God’s gifts to children.  And if they can but see, hear and feel what these people have to give, they can mature at a fast rate.  ~Bill Cosby

I had been to my maternal grandparent’s house for a night and two days stay and I must say that I absolutely loved each moment of it!

The love, the affection, the special treatment, the delicious dishes cooked by my nano (grandma) and the sweet dishes brought by my uncle and the wise talks of both my nana(grandpa) and nano and the cute steps of my little cousin who just learned to walk – was really delightful!

Grandparents are true blessings. Getting moments together with them is just awesome. They are the best teachers, trust me!


♥Grandparents surely are the best!♥


6 thoughts on “Eternal Love~

  1. I’m going to agree with yo on this. I was really unlucky because I lot my grand father when I was one year old. And even today I miss his presence in my life. If you can then give whatever happiness you can to them, their blessings means a lot.

    • Im sorry to know that..Do accept my condolences..:(
      This post was about my maternal grandparents who I love spending time with!!
      However, I have lost both my paternal grandparents before. My father’s father died before I was born, while my grandmother died few years back only.. So I can feel the pain..

  2. I want to be a grandparent. I have four offspring, and the only grandchild I have lives in Peru, and I’m in the USA. 😦
    I had grandparents from my mother’s side, and I only saw my grandmother once, when I got hit by a car in front of her house. I cried and she was not nice, so I suppose it’s just as well…
    I never knew my birth father, so I never had grandparents there, either. My step father’s family treated me like some kind of strange being that was dropped from another planet.
    Poor little girl, I.
    Now, I’m just ITCHING at the chance to BE a grandparent.
    Though, I will say, that I’ve made a point in my life to love as many children as I can, and I have brought joy to so many. What a privilege.
    My husband had good grandparents, and I like hearing the stories of his Grandma, who I wish I knew, as we would have had a jolly time! 😀

    • Oh oh oh seapunk. This was miserable. And I only read it, while you had faced it!:(

      The best part is what you took out from your own life: that you will love as many children as you can and bring joy to them! That is just so sweet!:)
      Best wishes! I wish you and your dear grandchild get more chances of meeting and sooner!;)

  3. It’s okay. I can love any child. And I know that there are uncountable children who will remember me, speak of me and the things I did to help, encourage, entertain, and teach them. What better can one do? 🙂

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