By the roaring waves!

A quick review on whats going on!

So here is another random post on whats going on:

  • I read this post “An interesting dialogue between a Muslim student and an Atheist professor”. It is something share-able yet I won’t. Um.
  • I read two more Urdu novels- gonna share on “Books and Authors” soon. One of it makes me wish I had gone to a Cadet College.
  • There is this India-Pakistan music competition which is usually SO heated up!
  • I wrote a story for a contest in a local magazine, and now I am waiting for the results in January! God pleez.
  • I also figured that how being so social on the internet is so, so different from that in real life. I’m different there, here, everywhere.

What else?

  • A friend gifted me a VERY beautiful artwork of hers. I love it so much!
  • I had alot of fun lately, with my elder sister here. We had outings and awesomeness.



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