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It was when I was thirteen and had discovered an international chat-room on a favorite fictional celebrity’s fan-site, that I had this one! There I was the youngest ‘kid’ though my new ‘friends’ did not treat me childishly.

It was a good experience and I met so many new people from so many parts of the world, like, you name it! And it was there that a Chinese guy aged 18–who was really nice and perhaps the first among them all to have welcomed me there–became a friend. And then he became a teacher. I would learn via emails Chinese text and meanings, like I would mail some sentences and he would translate them along with their pronunciation and help me with them! Then I would copy them in my notebook and try to learn them.

There was this BANG BANG MANG – which meant help me! (帮帮忙)

And you are my friend – which I don’t know was what!

And other simple things!

But after about two weeks or three (hardly), I quit it and told him goodbye and thanked him for teaching me! AND I stopped using that chat room.

Oh and when he used to mention the Chinese language as in the part except the pronunciation, I requested him not to mention the symbols! 😀 He said,

“These aren’t symbols. This is actually Chinese, that was just the pronunciation for you to understand.”

And I was so embarrassed! 😉 Ah well, memories!

So well, I always wanted to learn some new languages and show off;) But they are so hard and I can’t do much.

However, my next aim is to learn French. Or maybe Spanish!

Who is going to be my next teacher? I hope it’s not Google Translator!  😉


2 thoughts on “当我在13岁的时候,我想学中文!

  1. French is an exotic language.
    I have a desire to learn new languages. I enrolled in a French class recently and attended abt 20 hours of the sessions to realize that it takes a lot of effort to learn a language in a classroom setting 🙂
    The best way would be to live with a group of people who can’t communicate in any language you speak – that way nature forces one to learn for survival

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