A huge round of applause for Pakistan to break previous Guinness record for largest simultaneous National anthem singing!

Congratulations Pakistan!

Pakistan broke the previous Guinness records after around 70,000 people from the Punjab province sung the national anthem simultaneously. The previous record was held by India where 15, 243 people had simultaneously sung the national anthem.

Gareth Daeves and Imran Javed of the Guinness World Records (GWR) judged the event.

“It is a very important day for the people of Pakistan, especially Punjab as a big audience has gathered here to create new records in many events, including singing of national anthem and creation of Pakistan flag by the audience present in the arena,” the Daily Times quoted Deaves, as saying.

Participants of the Punjab Youth and Sports Festival will also attempt to form the world’s largest human flag on Monday.

Chief organiser of the event, Rana Mashood said that as many as 40 international teams are participating in the youth festival.

“They are ready to break various records to prove that there is no dearth of talent in Pakistan. We want to show the world that Pakistan is a safe country for holding all kind of international sporting events,” he said.

“The participation of more than 40 international teams, including India, is proof of the festival’s success. Around 4.5 million youth are actively participating in the international event,” Mashood added. (ANI)

The amazing crowd!


Guinness World Records (GWR) has declared Pakistan the holder of world record for the most people singing a national anthem!

It was SUCH an amazing sight and the crowd had gathered since morning for this auspicious event! There were about 35,000 athletes, and more than 40,000 population from Punjab province in the National Hockey Ground. This was the same day when the International World 11 team had come to Karachi, Pakistan for cricket match!

So well, it was a memorable day for all Pakistanis, happy to set their national anthem record in Guinness Book!

Wanna watch Pakistanis breaking the record!?


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