By the roaring waves!



Stern faced, piercing eyes sparkling with an objective, tall and thin, yet with grounded feet, monocled yet vision as clear as the day sky. A Khoja (noble) by roots, a barrister of Lincoln’s Inn, for some time known as India’s best “Ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity”, but most of all, well known as a formidable and honorable man, printed on the front page of our history books, hung in offices and libraries, hummed in national songs and embedded in our hearts since we learned to read and write, the Jinnah of Pakistan.


We gazed at him in awe, in respect, as the old, black and white, ambiguous video clips fell in place one after another, in a perfect sequence while we read through our history course books over and over again for twelve years. The picture of his character, his personality was painted as a man undefeated, flawless, a super…

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