Natural bridges in Meghalaya jungle!

The amazing, living tree root NATURAL bridge in the village of Nongriat in Meghalaya, India is something you should all praise! Its a wonderful, natural beauty. Locals have been using the bridges for over 500 years. Some of the bridges are over a hundred feet long and can support the weight of fifty or more people!

2013, By the roaring waves!

Natural bridges in Meghalaya jungle!


5 thoughts on “Natural bridges in Meghalaya jungle!

  1. maryamchahine says:

    Wow! It looks like something I’d love to walk over, however I’d probably be too scared to…the bridge looks like it sways ;D

    • Haha yes I’d be scared too :p buttt its really safe. People have been using it since ages and it can hold many! So it has to be a lovely experience if I get a chance to walk over it 😉

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