So Much Happening.

When a country is at the verge of a possibly great change, all there is common between millions is excitement and hopes. How I wish all turns out good. It happened in Syria, now its happening here.

  • Little time left for elections.
  • TUQ stood up for a change towards better laws and democracy according to the country’s constitutions.
  • Opposition parties have joined hands ‘against’ the demands of TUQ, declaring his act ‘undemocratic’.
  • A sea of supporters who include children, women, and men have been protesting peacefully together with their new leader for a change. (No rain or bad weather stops them)
  • Government organizes a ten member delegation which reaches to the location and sits with TUQ to resolve the matter and look into it ‘carefully’.
  • Pakistanis praying for better results.

And every dark cloud has a silver lining…



6 thoughts on “So Much Happening.

  1. Moniba says:

    My personal opinion; this is the era when everything we see is an illusion. This revolution we see coming is part of it, I think. Even though, I know this is when we are supposed to look to the bright side, be optimistic. But no, it is all an illusion. See Egypt? They got the revolutioon. But think about it, ponder upon their current situation… Did we really win there?

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