2013, By the roaring waves!

Q: Which city would you like to visit and why?

If I could visit any city in the world which city would I pick and why?

That’s the most appropriate question for today I guess, because I’ve been reading ‘Honeymoon in Purdah‘ by Alison Wearing, and I so want to visit some city in Iran! This book is a travelogue, a journey through Iran in purdah.

If I ever visit Iran, I’d LOVE to visit all those cool places, and meet those nice people as the story suggests.

Plus there’s Venice. Gorgeous name, stunningly beautiful city. They use boats for transportation, what else could be more special?! And Turkey! And Maldives! And Islamabad, Multan, Lahore. 😉 God, I’ll go on a world tour someday.

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7 thoughts on “Q: Which city would you like to visit and why?

  1. Venice sounds like a nice place – exactly for the same reason as yours. The boats on the river always looks so romantic.
    And I would love to see Rome for its majesty. and Tokyo during the cherry blossom.

    • Rome and Tokyo- amazing too! I would like to visit Kuala Lumpur, Lahore, Dehli, Males in Maldives, so many more! I wish I could travel the whole world- which is quite impossible..! 😦

      • balraj singh says:

        i used to teach graphic designing & 3d softwares back in 2011 and a student of mine was from Nigeria(we are still in touch) he use to say “it seems like everything is possible in my lifetime”. he is a programmer now. you can travel the world(even i want to travel so many places along with climbing mt. everest 🙂 ) you just have to make right choices at right time and be prepared to pay the price(i’m not talking about plane tickets 🙂 )…just stay safe….we are not to commute from office to home; we are here to travel(with parents, alone, with spouse, with kid, with grand kids with grand grand kids………………..) hahaaha

        • Hi Balraj Singh. First of all please accept my apologies for SUCH a late response, I don’t know how I missed this.
          So well, everything is possible. Though I wonder how will I travel to all those places in my wish-list?! 😉 I want to go to Malaysia, Iran, even India. And all those lovely places of natural beauties, jungles, rivers, and *sigh* too many places.

          You teach graphic designing? I will be your student! 😀

  2. Balraj Singh says:

    It’s ok no worries….yes possible, if you believe you can achieve(its all about a whole different state of mind; you will figure it out)….haha student yeah everyone is a student…well i’ll be helper or adviser if you need anything with graphics but teacher mmm i am; at this point of time, struggling to have the real definition of teacher….so yes helper will work 🙂

    • Thank you for coming by! 🙂
      Everyone is a student, and being a ‘helper’ will definitely work! 😉

      It sure is about a different state of mind, of attracting positivity and to believe. I hope this particular case will rely on the principles of attraction too. And I will be on my world tour, one day! 😀

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