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Salt MINE!

Here is an edited post that I published on July 2, 2012 with more information on this topic..

Recently, I posted about some amazing places on Earth and had mentioned Wieliczka Salt mines, and here is a post about another salt mine:

The Khewra salt mines~  the SECOND LARGEST IN THE WORLD!

Geologists put the age of rock-salt found in Khewra at about 600 million years. In geological time scale this time period is called Precambrian.

A friend shares her experience visiting them: 
Pakistan has salt mines too. Khewra is one of them. 
We went there and it was BEAUTIFUL! It was hot outside,
but inside the temperature was cold, not normal, it was cold.
Naturally cold! There was an entire restaurant whose counters,
shelves and everything was made out of salt. 
There was a MASJID made of salt!!!!!! There was a model of 
Minar-e-Pakistan made of salt. And there were small lakes too and salt bridges..!!

Attractions and Facilities:

* CREATION OF RECEPTION/BRIEFING HALL: A reception/briefing hall has been constructed to serve as reception center for tourists.

* WALKWAY: The walkway from receipt/briefing hall to the Mine Mouth has been constructed by fixing pavers for the smooth walk of tourist.

* SOUVENIR SHOP: For the convenience of tourist, a souvenir shop has been established in the reception/briefing hall area where tourists can find model lamps and other articles made of salt.

* ILLUMINATION: The mines have been illuminated at a grand scale with fancy and reflector type lights to magnify intrinsic beauty of the salient features of the mine, its interior look and texture of rock salt.

* ELECTRIC TRAIN: Electric train has been made available for tourists to have a joy ride upto main juncture inside the Mines.


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