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City life: Karachi Time Lapse


This is a very amazing video! I don’t have much words to appreciate the skills of this person, who took over 19,000 photographs to compile this time lapse video! I am lovin’ it! And I hope you would too. 🙂

I wanted to add a poem on “CITY LIFE” along with this post, but could not find any exactly appropriate for this video. So I made one on my own! This too, like other poems is an on-spot poetry and has been made without a second-read. Some rhymes may not fit, some verses may look stupid. But I kept on watching and listening, and below are the words that came!

Video By: Fazz Kazi.
Music: Fazz Kazi And Salman Ahmad – Envy

Birds will chirp,

Skies will follow.

Darkness will fade.

There always will be a tomorrow.


People will get out,

Early for their works.

Some will look professional,

Some with annoying quirks.


Every person gets busy,

As soon as the sun rises,

Working hard to earn living,

Their dedication emphasizes.


Cooks and butlers,

Hair dressers and butchers.

All set to work,

Officers and jurers.


Reading his newspaper,

Somewhere a crazy man lays.

On sand he sits,

With sand he plays!


Porters waiting earnestly,

For the train to arrive!

So that they carry your luggages,

And for their earn do they strive!


People come and people leave.

On busy roads, in my busy city!

Cars rush by and buses run too,

Making life seem so pretty!


These tall tall buildings,

These offices and banks,

These houses and markets,

Some covered with planks!


The day never stops,

The activities seem never-ending!

They will rush hither thither!

Completing chores that were pending!


The citizenry will enjoy,

Their time at the beach!

Playing and chattering,

The waves won’t breach!


The time won’t stop,

As sunlight will fade!

Return to your houses,

Before increases the shade!


Soon it will be night!

The sun will lower,

And disappear in minutes!

It won’t get any slower.


People will go to their prayers,

At the churches and to the masjids,

Some to the famous shrines,

And nobody will forbid!


The roads will soon be empty!

As people will return at prime.

And the city will once again be lighted!

With laughters and artificial sparks this time!


But nothing will stop!

As night will never come.

In this city of lights!

And you will succumb!


The moon will peep slowly,

To check if they are waiting!

And they are all very busy,

But oh how fascinating!


Somewhere a man begs,

Somewhere a woman sleeps.

Somewhere darkness prevails,

Someone silently weeps!

© Maria Imran (Randomly Abstract).


21 thoughts on “City life: Karachi Time Lapse

  1. Nice poetry 😉
    “Reading his newspaper,
    Somewhere a crazy man lays.
    On sand he sits,
    With sand he plays!”
    Love this!…
    It goes perfectly with the video.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    VERY clever indeed, and clearly a patient undertaking.

    Loved the birds in the beginning – little black splatches.

    Wow, time is unstoppable.

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