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Unsaid, undone. Untitled shall it be.

“Haters are confused admirers who don’t understand why so many people love you…”

– Paulo Coelho

There is just a THIN distance to border love and hate!

I think I agree. There is just a thin brink between them! Change in perspectives is a matter of minutes, or maybe seconds. You hate someone from the cores and a sudden miracle can change what you feel. You might begin to admire them as soon as you understand their point of view, or maybe their situations.

Everybody has their person hidden. They can not allow you to know them completely. And this may cause them in failing to be up to your expectations. Expectations are sensitive buds.Why create a mirror of hopes and anticipation when your previous mirror had a scratch?

Problem is with the people who trust very easily, like I do.

Thoughts are faster than light or sound. Change is a matter of minutes. Or a matter of incidents. Trust people, they deserve it. But don’t trust too much, nor too easily, for you don’t deserve a shattered mirror of hopes and dreams.

Never fail to express to the people you care, that you do. Nothing is more painful than things left unsaid.

© Maria Imran

© Maria ~ Randomly Abstract.


19 thoughts on “Unsaid, undone. Untitled shall it be.

  1. This is beautiful ! You know I agree with you… When you love or hate someone so much, you start thinking about him. And this process takes him towards you. This is a science too !
    I use to trust people easily too but now I don’t trust anyone cuz I have been betrayed several times ! Trust …but within the boundary lines !
    Love the words in the picture ! 🙂 xx

  2. Very thought provoking post. I don’t agree with Paulo, in general, but I do acknowledge that it can be true at times, with some types of people. Perhaps you’re correct – the ‘hate’ draws one’s thought to the ‘hated.’ Personally, I’m not sure I’ve ever hated anyone in the true sense of the word, though I feel repulsed or offended by many, throughout my life.
    Still, I listen to my instincts and have been wrong on only a few occasions, silence and observation is paramount. I trust first, and then, trust can fall away, especially with casual relationships. With love, in intimate relationships, the trust can be ‘played’ and still remain, though fragile.
    I fully agree with you, by sharing how you feel, through actions or accompanied by words, should never be neglected. It may be too late, one day.

    • This Paulo quotes isn’t really cent percent true. Some haters are confused admirers, others are just haters! Haters to the core.
      What makes you great is that you haven’t personally ever hated someone. We hold grudges, we get offended, because we are all humans. But ‘hatred’ in its roots has extreme negative and destructive powers.
      Surely ‘silence and observation are supreme. With love, the trust can be ‘played’ and still remain, though fragile.’ Gonna remember this all my life.
      Thanks a million for your appreciable visit, and stupendous comment! I am very grateful to you (and I mean it) for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Keep visiting and honoring me with your valuable feedback! =)

  3. the world is full of unsaid thoughts and feelings.
    the human brain and heart is wired as such.
    many a times we want others to read our minds.
    but things would be so much easier if we expressed what we feel and think

    • So true.
      Many a times we CRAVE for someone who reads our mind, deciphers the words we hide, count our tears without mention.
      But perhaps, one needs to become such first, for another being..
      Thanks a whole lot for visiting! It had been long since last. Your comments always make me feel great!

  4. Never fail to express to the people you care, that you do. Nothing is more painful than things left unsaid….
    I see that you walk your talk.
    This makes you so generous with your appreciation for all.

  5. rjl2727 says:

    sure, i understand well. the funny thing about friends is that most we tend to think are friends are really only acquaintances, and if we realize that then and keep it on it’s proper shelf, it releives much of the angst and heartache. true friendship comes when people invest themselves in each other and find reciprocation, and are able to share the depth of thoughts and feelings, and accept the ugliness of the other, not just the immediate beauty. i interact in-person with maybe hundreds of people each day that i know and have mutual respect for, but less than two or three i meet each day know much of my soul at all. so, evaluate carefully who is a friend vs. a mere acquaintance. for me, a friend is someone who i would stick my hand in the fire for.

    • Love your feedback about my post.
      I agree about that, true friendship comes when people invest themselves into each other and are able to share. Because in the end, not all ‘well-wishers’ are present to lend help, but only those few who are actually friends.
      I also agree to your second point. If we realize it then and there who’s to be kept on which shelf and who really deserves our soul in the purest form, it relieves much of the later possible sorrow.
      Thank you for your valuable response!

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