The Blogging Blues.

Girl on the Contrary

Over the last few months I’ve been suffering from the blogging blues. If you’re not familiar with the blogging blues, it’s that thing where you wonder why you keep blogging and tell yourself you’re wasting your time because no one really cares anyway and wouldn’t your time be better spent learning to speak a new language because nothing is ever ever going to happen with your writing and maybe you should stop pretending you’re good at something you’re not and also how much longer can you stand your dreams being crushed over and over again – that’s the blogging blues.

I’ve got the blogging blues y’all. I’ve got them bad.

But, I’ve chosen to keep blogging. Because, it seems to me, and I’m not genius mind you, but it seems to me that if even one person laughs at something I wrote, or feels like maybe there is one other…

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