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The common source. Of life, of death. And everything in between.


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How did the flowers know how to get that energetic yellow?
How did they know how to form into such beautiful circles with an exquisite skirting and tantalizing core?
How did it know how to shape them leaves?


How did the Sun know when to rise, how to rise?
How did the waves know how to roll, how to follow in unity?
How did the surfers know how to run the waves?
How did man know how to build that vessel to cover the vast ocean?

Noor Eliya - Sri Lanka

How did the water know where to flow?
How did the mountain know how to shape?
How did the green know how to mold, how to grow and where to thrive?

One of the oldest mosques in Male'

How did the people know how to find respite from this temporary existence?
How did the people learn respect to spirits in transition?
How did the trees know how to give shade?

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