EmojiA very happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims around the globe! Emoji


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  1. yarnwuseleien.wordpress.com says:

    I have heard about Happy Eid Mubarak first time yesterday I read this comment and in the evening I saw it in the news on TV. Happy Eid Mubarak is the same for you as our Christmas in december for christians. So Happy Eid Mubrak to you 🙂
    cheers magdalena

    • randomlyabstract says:

      We have two Eids- this one is taken as a reward for the previously kept thirty fasts during Ramadhan (Ramadhan is another month in our Islamic calendar and this calendar is based on the sighting of moon.)
      So Muslims across the globe are celebrating three days of Eid festival! 🙂
      Thankyou very much for wishing! 🙂 It was very nice of you!
      Best regards,

    • randomlyabstract says:

      I’d love to! 🙂
      It’s Eid – the Islamic festival celebrated twice a year; one after the holy month of Ramadhan as a reward of fasting and following certain virtues, the other comes later when we sacrifice cattle.
      Both these Eids are celebrated with much excitement. Social gatherings, gifts, and financial and moral support of those in need, are all few colors of Eid. Other then that, there are traditional things like wearing bangles, meeting relatives, distributing sweets, etc.
      Which occasions do you celebrate?

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