A twist.

Just so amazing!



Blood spattered around leaving his body drenched
he lies writhing in intense agony.

Thrashing his tiny limbs, trying to ease his pain
I can see him making vain attempts to revive
his flailing energy, his departing life.
His mutilated body lies at my feet,
he begs for respite, its an ordeal he cannot bear
I remove my apathetic gaze from this sordid site,
staring into my bloodstained hands instead.

My ears remain unresponsive to his silent screams
he, i’am sure is bidding me to hell
But what could I really have done?
I had no option, i was offered no choice
A brutal and ruthless killer his kin may say
I care not, he has got what he deserved.

He unwisely chose me as his victim,
he relied on his frugal fortune, overestimating his skill
Striking me when i was vulnerable, he thought
he could escape, fleeing with my…

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