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Am I in love?

Of course I am!

I am in LOVE with this new background and this new header that Moniba specifically designed for me!

How it happened exactly?

Well, she asked me if I’d trust her with my wp password. I said ‘I think I will’ but then why’d she want? She told me its going to be a surprise – more like a present.

I couldn’t hold on to my curiosity but I couldn’t ask her again after having logged out myself and let her do what she wanted to. Because she had fore written the list of things that she won’t do, which she wasn’t supposed to do. So I slept rather peacefully.

It was after about two hours that I woke up at her call and was told to see my new blog look. If I liked it, it was a present. If I didn’t, I could switch back.

And did I like it? Nah. I fell in love with it! It’s too perfect for my taste, too RandomlyAbstract, Maria-ish it is! (and Moniba-ish too) 😉

I loved my previous, colorful, mustard-pink look too, but I wished to change it. And too afraid to do it myself (and to think how it will look) I had dropped the idea. But she, she did it. So easily, and so perfectly, only after having promised: that she just won’t even think about changing my ‘dear look’.

This post is to thank her, for the most pleasant surprise of the year two zero one three and for her love and her time and for breaking her promise and making me smile! 😀


A journey that means.


31 thoughts on “Am I in love?

  1. Oye hey there!! I did NOT break my promise! I promised I wouldn’t even touch touch the “theme”. And I didn’t. You still have chateau 😛
    I did, however change the “look” 😉 and look how well that turned out! 😀
    Most pleasant surprise of 2013? Wow. I’m that awesome? 😛
    Always welcome, cuz.
    “for breaking her promise and making me smile! :D” -> Smile? Really? More like shout in joy and almost cry :p

  2. You are too spoiled Maria, having such a talented and generous friend.

    When Moniba changed her gravatar I told her I was going to miss that little flower.
    Now I can just go to your blog and see lots of them.

  3. If you don’t mind can I make a suggestion? 🙂 I love your new look but if you decrease the opacity of the background a bit it will make your font stand out which will make reading easier 🙂

  4. Wooooooaaaaahhh !! What a beautiful change ! Looks like I have entered a beautiful new world of flowers ! I am loving this new look Maria …. Moniba has the secret to amaze me every time 😉
    Really love this awesome change ! I wish I could have a friend like her too :-S 😛
    I am diving into the beauty of this Maria-ish blog right now 😛

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