37 thoughts on “Turn a blind eye.

  1. randomblurting says:


    Thank you for the pingback!! I didn’t understand it before as I didn’t see your whole comment. Sorry duhhh!!! You were right, our poems are related. I thought so too when i read yours this morning 🙂 All the best fellow Random! 😉

  2. they die.

    they cry
    they weep
    they sigh

    you see
    you talk
    you turn a blind eye.

    Until a day comes when

    you cry
    you weep
    you sigh

    they see
    they talk
    they turn a blind eye.

    And you only ask why…


    Great things come in small packets, and you just proved it 🙂

  3. Wow yaar Maria….kahan se seekhti ho aisi batain ? Love it….Me yei sochti hun kabi kabi news daikhtay huay….Per pher I turn a blind eye too….Cuz I don’t know what to do ! We all are equally selfish I guess !

    • Kahan se seekhti hun? Itna kuch hota rehta hae saamny, seekhnay ki zarurat nhi parti.
      Exactly. I turn a blind eye, you do, we all do. And one day they will, just as Arindam said. We are all selfish, and selfish people get their teachings in special ways!

      Tou finally aglay Sunday aap agaen? Ab sirf Sundays ko you’ll be seen, no? 😦 😀

      • Sab k saamnay hota rehta hai itna kuch…seekhtay sirf kuch log hain and you are one of them 🙂
        Agree …..every human is selfish…or selfish are not humans ?……I am confused !
        Lol yaar I told you studies problem….Bus 10 din aur ruk jao pher roz milun gi 🙂 Love you .

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