2013, By the roaring waves!, This and That


Sitting by the window, eyes busy wandering from here to there and
there to here; and thoughts running wildly between fields and hills and
mountains. A deep dive into that ocean and another swim into that other.
All wet.
Soaked outside, yet torn, parched, unmoist lips show no signs to reflect.
Tears! Tears fill up those sea-blue eyes and obscure vision, lumps gather
in throat, yet none of the divine drop falls, not a single sound escapes.
Nothing happens, and ‘nothingness’ is attained. In those split seconds of grief,
of utmost grief, and of those supreme painful moments does God appears.
And when God appears, peace takes charge. Or when ‘nothingness’ seeps,
Nothing Else Remains.

BELOW is what a friend Yamna Farrukh responded with, after she read A Rotten Rose. She says she felt the same way:

He really surprises me.
I know I’ve been bad..
I am even afraid to read His book!
Wondering If He’ll tell me about
The kuffaar!
About the Munafiqeen..
About hell..
I’m afraid to read it.
But then,
He surprises me!
He knows my weaknesses..
How I always fall for it..
He knows I’m scared, ashamed..
Yet still he wants to guide me..
He tells me, ‘You can always repent’
He says He knows I’m just a human.
I make sins, I repent.
And sin, and repent.
He tells me, that He loves me.
That He can forgive me.
He is Al-Wadood, Al-Ghafoor
Al-Rehmaan, Al-Raheem..
He finally says that every rose counts!
Even a wilting rose can blossom again!

That's for you!

That’s for you!


38 thoughts on “Peace.

  1. beautiful piece Maria.
    visiting here after a long time and look what you have done 🙂
    beautiful background and your writings has become richer too.

  2. rjl2727 says:

    yes, god may give us ultimate peace, but meanwhile, we live here where we cannot resist the things that bring us pain. tears and pain – always the price for dreaming, yet i will still gladly accept it and never stop dreaming. i dream, even in pain, ever hopeful of one that comes true. now that is faith!
    listen to song “hurt” (top one under music), originally by nine inch nails, but most beautifully done by johnny cash just months before he died. coincidentally (or not), i happened to be listening to it at the very time i read this post. how fitting.

  3. miss.mysterious says:

    Tell Maria to read this (:
    Btw did I ever tell you rotten rose was one of the first things I read from your blog ❤ aur phir mai idhar chipak gai XD

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