2013, By the roaring waves!, Paintings and Scribblings, Poems and poetry


myrainbowYOU will be there, and WE together
Some place in paradise; a lovely weather
PRESENT to be present, and present rejoiced
FUTURE to be discovered not now, later.
Life be lived with hopes and DREAMS
No pain stays FOREVER, however it seems
RAINBOW follows dark clouds, at both extremes!

marsiInspired by The Daily Prompt: SEVEN WONDERS.

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SEVEN.

About my rainbow:

The poem consists of seven lines. Each line consists of seven words. The seven words highlighted in the text are the seven words that I chose, and it’s a rainbow because a rainbow denotes ‘seven’.

Note that there is no I .

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Show: Seven colors- Roy G BiV.

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