2013, By the roaring waves!, Paintings and Scribblings, This and That

Pen paints!

There are words that are said, and there are words that are felt. But there always is a way to express!


life provides two traveling companions –
love and pain.
and who can tell between the two?
love and pain, one and the same,
for each are and always will be:
ugly as beautiful,
attractive as horrifying,
dangerous as safe,
irresistible as intolerable,
hopeless as promising,
invaluable as worthless.
love and pain, companions and foes.
both serve identical functions:
to remind you that you are alive,
and make you wish you were dead.
rjl 2013

arindam-randomlyFor long I try in vain to create
A picture, a sketch of the feeling great
A feeling too subtle to be described
A feeling too immense to be inscribed
I tried so hard and tried so long
Only to realize that I was all wrong
Love is a feeling that can’t be drawn
It can just be felt and touched upon

I was so stupid to capture the formless
The mighty, immense; vast and endless
How could I capture the one containing all
The happy, the sad, the big and the small?
If hatred is a sketch, then love is the page
If hatred is a play, then love is the stage
If hatred is knife, then love is the sheath
Love is the sky with all emotions beneath

Love is the canvas on which you drew hatred
But it is all too large, unaltered and sacred
On this are drawn joys, smiles and fears
On this chuckles the child, on this flows tears

Love is the ocean, formless and immense
Containing feelings: jolly, dark, deep and intense…
Arindam Saha.

Above-mentioned are two wonderful poems by two truly amazing poets: RJL and Arindam, which they wrote in response to ‘Can You Draw Hatred?’

Many thanks for drawing it along, and teaching things through your poetry. And for staying around and painting your words for me! (=


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