By the roaring waves!, My Writings


I will write you a poetry
All yours will it be
Mesmeric like you are,
Worshiper I will be

Your Majesty! May I sit here and draw your portrait?
“Do it. But miss a single color, and you’ll be beheaded.”
I won’t, Master. Please let me have the honor!
‘Thank you’, he whispered and bowed.

He began to empty his best colors onto his white palette, and wet his paint brushes on them. Looking at his canvas, he raised his right hand to wipe it.

I will draw you a sculpture
Of your own charismatic self
Complete like you are,
Devotee I will be.

Moments passed- or perhaps ages, after which he raised his head and looked at his half-completed piece of art. A smile appeared as he began to appreciate his own skill and the next moment he was thinking how the Master would like his fruit of hard work.

I will paint you some words
Dripping with warmth and affection,
Brilliant as you are,
Blessed I will be.

His head dropped low again, and his fingers voluntarily marked streaks of his own favorite colors this time, as he chose which one His Majesty would like, and which He should.

I will sit before you for hours
Counting your image and presence,
Almighty as you are,
Fortunate I will be.

Finally that it was completed, he held it close like a mother holds her newborn, and looked at it for one long time. It was marvelous indeed! A hundred colors had been put, a hundred hopes and dreams. With a heart beating fast, he stepped towards His Majesty and bowed.

“Show me what you did.”
‘Your Highness! Here’, he felt his voice come out from deep within, as he handed over his work with trembling hands.

“Name it.”
“Why me?”
‘Because you are my complete self, my reason to being.’

“If I destroy it?”
‘Please do. But keep me!’
“I will.”


– By: Maria Imran ~RandomlyAbstract~



27 thoughts on “Lordly

  1. Rexie says:

    Wow, he must be so clear-headed in his thoughts and imagination to get a portrait done of his raison d’etre. When I think of making a portrait, it looks exactly like the dishevelled hair after you wake up from your sleep.

    By the way, if the portrait was of the majesty, why did he ask it to be named? Of course, the name would have been his own, isn’t it?

    But the story has a really beautiful emotion that betrays the dedication of love to the beloved. This was my understanding and the best line was indeed β€˜Please do. But keep me!’

    • raison d’etre! *likes*
      His Majesty was pleased by his work, and asked him to choose a name for his art as to regard him. It could either be His graceful way of appreciating, or just one last challenge.

      Thank you for your nice words. (: About the last line, it had to be either stubbornness or submission, and I chose the latter for it was ‘lordly’. Thanks again for stopping by, have a nice day. πŸ™‚

  2. Too exhausted. I wasn’t feeling like reading today.
    But as soon as this came in front of me. I was unable to turn away…
    This is marvelous!
    The structure, the dialog, the poetry, the establishment of scene and crescendo!
    It’s classic! – Specially the end.
    For the artist more valuable than appreciation of their art is always the appreciation of real essence – the originator behind it.
    Maria… It’s “Lordly” indeed! πŸ™‚

  3. So this was the one yiu were talking about. I must say i am speechless again. About the last three lines, that is so powerful. This is What we do when someone loves us unconditionally. Maybe this is not the meaning you thought but I deciphered it such maybe I am wrong. But as a whole I loved it. πŸ™‚ masha’Allah keep it up πŸ™‚

    • Ji. But I still don’t get that specific word for his posture! πŸ˜‰ Bus he was sitting there, head bowed, like inkisaari se jesy you should be when you’re in front of someone as Supreme, someone you love be-panah. Anyway, Jazakillah! Glad you liked it. (:

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  5. I only just read it ghor se! πŸ˜‰ You’re becoming more and more like a philosophic writer with each passing day… This is wonderful. The submissive artist, the majestic Lord… Uff
    Oh and the stanzas? Superb. Superb structure, great rhythm. Amazing concepts, zabardast words.

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