By the roaring waves!

The Magnitude

Serenades of a dreamer...

I like moonlight, you’re a star.
I like spark, you’re the supernova!

I like dance, you’re an orchestrator…
I like constellation, you’re the space!

I like vibrations, you’re a tune!
I like rhythm, you’re a captivating pace…

I like whisper, you’re a cradle song.
I like word, you’re mercurial page.

I like a moment, you’re an eternity!
I like a potion, you’re an elixir!

I like engraved text, you’re a whirling sage!
I like ciphers, you’re labyrinthian maze!

I like twilight, you’re an endless sky…
I like letter, you’re the sanctified language.

I like patient lake, you’re a restless ocean.
I like inimitable feature, you’re an incomparable face!

I like drizzle, you’re weather free rain…
I like drops to satiate, you’re bottomless well!

I like faithless wind, you’re a loyal thunder…
I like aura of flower, you’re blue forest.

I like passion, you’re consuming!
I like curiosity, you’re bewilderment!


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