Caged bird
I will cut your feathers
And let you free, forever.
Old prisoner
I will slay your throat
And let you escape from here.
Little kid
Hand me your kite
And play with rifles instead.
Solitary girl
Sing me songs of mourn
For I will kill your mother now.
White teddy
Close your eyes tight
As I rip off your cotton bod.
Brave sailor
Laugh and rejoice
Until I draw a hole in your boat.
Wounded warrior
Count your last breaths
As I finally shoot this arrow.
Sweet baby
Smile once more, and last
As I snatch you away and throw.

Cut my feathers and I shall bleed
I won’t fly but the blood shall flow
And sow the seeds of a resilience new.

Slay my throat and I shall cry
I won’t say but I shall be heard
And a voice of courage shall rise.

Give me the rifle and I shall fire
I won’t aim but I shall shoot
And the bullet shall hit you instead.

Kill my mother and I shall weep
I won’t sing but tears shall flow
And rocks shall melt, and so shall you.

Rip me off and I shall wait
I won’t see but the cotton shall be free
And be woven again to form your shroud.

Draw a hole and the boat shall sink
I won’t cry but million would do
And tears of blood shall flood your dreams.

Shoot the arrow and I shall die
I won’t count but breath shall be gone
And another shall point to you.

Throw me away and I shall sleep
I won’t smile but doomsday would
And haunt till the end of your life.

ra_viceslicedResponse poetry by Arindam Saha for bizarre.beep.sleep. Thank you, introvert, for killing ‘vice‘ in your own amazing way.

Title credits: Introvert. :)