Aee, hello lovelies.

This is your favorite Miss Randomly on her fourth award ceremony on RandAbstract. ^_^

The reason for the post delay is simple: I needed to feel cranky to post something as crank, and yester was my day and I was feeling very high. Uh, euphoric. That’s the right word.

Anyway, the first award that we have here is the Versatile Blogger Award from LifeConfusion’s blog. Handed to me on October 22, this award requires me to tell seven things about myself. Thank you sheen, or Zed, for this award. Much love. <3

The next award is the same versatile award, this time by Pamela from the Resonner’s blog. Thank you! <3

Now. Seven things about myself? Um. I’ll do this later.

versatile-blogger-award-imageThe third nomination is for “I am part of the WordPress family” award! :) This one’s by Yasmeen Baloch from kushiywa. Thank youuu Yasmeen(:

wordpress-family-award1There’s one more from her, the “xxtraordinary BLOGGER award“. The rules are to answer the following:
1)Write what you think about me.

That you’re one sweet, amazing soul and one lovely person that I’ve come across, thanks to WordPress. =)
2)What is your favorite book?

Favorite book? Mus’haf by Nimra Ahmed. I loved reading it.

3)If you got a chance to be the president of your country so what changes will you bring?

Haee. If I get to be my country’s president, I’ll make sure to.. um, I will make sure to? Change our system of education, kill a few people, save another lot, and write an essay about all possible things I’ll be able to do.
4)Tell about your nature.

My nature.. That’s a tough one, Yasmeen. :) I think they all already know pretty much. But if I’m to say about myself, I’m weird. Baqi ask my friends and they’ll provide you a list. ^_^

Thank you again! :)

xxtraordinary-blogger-award-phoenixThe next one is (yes, I’ve quite a many piled up. Laziness could be a part of my nature) Reader Appreciation Award by Pamela again. :) This one also requires me to tell seven things about myself which makes it a total of 7+7+7=? Ai, I had my maths paper recently. 21. I’ll do the answers later some day. ^_^

reader-app-award_thumbAnother ‘versatile blogger award‘ by Dr. Kiran Acharya from the ‘Sea and Me‘! Thanks a million, Kiran. :) Seven facts again. Oh em gee.

Last but not the least, here’s this ‘Super Star Blogger Award’ from Syeda Maham at the Radical blog! You know how pleased I am? :) Thank you<3

Her interrogation segment:

  • Pray tell us….why do you write?

I’ve a whole page dedicated to this answer, but I wrote that when I started my blog and never updated later. So well. I write because I need to write. It’s an outlet, a passion, and a hobby. Writing is a method of preserving moments, and expressing emotions. When I don’t write, I draw.

  • what is life to you?

Life, um. I don’t know. It’s a blessing I’m living, of course. But lately that I realized how typically predictable life itself is, sorrow after ease and laughter after tears, it doesn’t seem all that exciting to me.

  • Do you forgive easily?

Yes. Usually. But it depends person to person, feelings to feelings. I can’t stay angry for long, but I find ‘forgetting’ difficult.

  • Beauty.Your definition.?

The art of living in the moment and making the most of it.

  • Fiction or hardcore fact?

…real facts wrapped in fiction will do too.

  • A fictitious character that resembles yourself (in any respect)

Mae tou btadungi, but do try answering your own questions later. :D
Um, okay. A friend said Emily from Emily of New moon resembles in some ways, but I haven’t read it so far so can’t say. I wonder why I’ve Elizabeth Bennet in my mind. :P Or someone from classic literature might do, for I imagine quite a lot. Or. What about my own written stories? There’s a novel I wrote, like a few chapters. It totally resembles me. *Top Secret* =p

  • Something you’ll never forget

These questions. And a whole lot of other things like when Abdur Rahman was born, when I won the Spelling bee thingy, my last-last academic results jab I got in top twenties in Khi, when dadi died, a poetry I read somewhere, sister’s wedding, interior Sindh tour, itna kuch. I’ll never forget anything, until unless.. of course.

  • Did you ever hate..?


  • Your brand of utopia consists of…..

Happy beginnings, middle paragraphs, last sentences.

  • Your comments on the Radical blog

Okay first of all, these questions are ACTUALLY tough. Yes you’re grinning, but bhuiii. Anyway, your blog is amazing Maham! I love that shair you once shared:

Ab socha hai k pather k sanam poojunga….
Takey uktaun to takra b sakun,mar b sakun

I love your poetry, your writings, and your way of thinking. I love false sense.

superstar-blogger-awardPhew. I’m done with these. Oh there was one from Fahaad, the Autumn-Liebster award, but since he deleted his previous blog the award went away too. :P

Now the nominations.
THIS is what I actually run from, because I’m just so sure I’ll miss somebody very important. The last time I did the award-post, I didn’t mention names. But then – alright.

  • Khanumsays Because she’s got a point. ;)
  • ParasYaseen
    Health Wizard. And a wonderful friend. :)
  • foodpeopleloveandstuff
    Because Lala <3
  • alisohani
    For his amazing writing skills and response poems. Ghazal translations, and ‘heavenly’.
  • whenintrovertspeaksYou were supposed to teach me your language, no? =p
  • Shadesofsunrise
    So creative, MashaAllah<3
  • theonlymartian
    A wonderful writer, amazing poetess!
  • onelastwordb4igo
    For his poetry in general, or that specifically ‘randomlyabstract’, and for everything else.
  • neurodrooling
    For his poetry, his comments, sarcastic remarks, wise talks, everything.
  • radical
    Because if you’re a total weirdo, then we have this in common. :3
  • khaulanazir
    One of the first bloggers I met here, and one of the very best writers that I do know.
  • vinodhiniharish
    For her amazing love definitions. :)
  • amom’sblog
    For sharing her interesting experiences and being the wonderful person she is.
  • rabiajaved
    What rj is to me, you asked. I bet you already know. A wonderful friend, someone I can share myself with, and the only being who has read all my stupid shaairi.
  • nawabimusings
    Miss M is one of THE best people I’ve ever come across to. Thank you for handling me the way you do, and Pakistan khappay. =p
  • resonner’sblog
  • yarnwusseleien
    Amazing photography! And for the ‘masterpiece challenge’ we took together. :)
  • VelaneDeBeaute
    If you haven’t already, do read her tumblr blog posts and wordpress. Totally amazing stuff!
  • Thisandthat
    Beckarooney! For being such a sweet friend that she is. :)
  • wnbajwa
    I’m a HUGE fan of your stories.
  • colorsinrainbow
    I seriously, totally LOVE ‘raat ke us pehar’ and your blog line. :)
  • majhuka  for his post on Ishq-e-haqiqi and his unique way of saying things.
  • ordinarygirl’speculiarblog
    Being my first reader, best cousin, someone I can discuss both real and fictional characters with. And for your amazing poetry.
  • portfoliospassionsandpurple
    Terrific writer. Write a book someday, kay?
  • utopia
    For dareechay. :)
  • rexie Inspiring, lovely soul out there.
  • yasmeenbaloch
    Peaceful mind blog. you know how amazing that is?
  • kiranacharya
    Sea and me! Says it all. :)
  • creatigentt
    For her humor that I love.
  • thefrontfoot
    His intro says it all. =D
  • stalkingdawn
    Definitely in my best-poets list.
  • amira
    A lovely soul from Maldives. <3
  • Bulbulay
  • thenomadicsoliloquist
    Still in his self-imposed exile. :/
  • AllResource Keep blogging awesome as you do!
  • BeWithUs
    for being with me. :)
  • JustBliss With all respect. (:
  • WildInnocence <3
  • AinRiz  For keeping a wonderful diary and letting me be a reader.

That’s already 35+ and one I missed on purpose, two that I know I’ll realize later, and somehow a total of forty. Thank YOU for being there.

You get the versatile blogger award, the reader appreciation award, and this:

terrificwriterawardNone of you who plans to accept the awards is forced to follow any rules, but those who like may answer Radical’s questions with due credit to her blog (yes I couldn’t think of any better revenge) and nominate their own favorite blogs. Kay, thank you, bye.