Love, life, hope. Love life, hope.

Hope is the name we give to survival. Something happened, we survived. Be it our willingness to, or utter hopelessness, but since we survived we thank.
It is silver because silver is closest to grey. Dark grey, jet black. Silver linings.
However cruel be it to say, but there ain’t any other option left for us than to rise up and move again. Poor creatures, made to live. If you attempt suicide, that’s totally another stage. Horrible thing, really.

Politics is the art of fooling people. But politicians aren’t as faulty as are their followers. Why go after someone blindly when you know there’s nothing but lies in their promises?

Love isn’t rubbish. It is the best and the most powerful blessing in the Creator’s menu of Creations. It is the source of all life. All life, literally.

Black doesn’t dissolve you. No matter how hard you try, you can not disappear. Again, poor creatures. But nothingness and numbness are both attainable pleasures. Not sure where, but there is a key to enter that hole. It has something to do with knowing yourselves, and killing ego. Self-destruction isn’t a permanent solution, terrible for all I know.

Life is a blessing. It is, and there is no point debating on that one.


Wounds are where light enters through. So they’re good. KThanksBye


25 thoughts on “Love, life, hope. Love life, hope.

  1. Moniba says:

    Well it certainly looks like you’re in a terrific mood! 😀
    Fave line, black doesn’t dissolve you. But… needless to say, I don’t exactly agree with all of this, mars.

  2. Jounda Strong says:

    Self-destruction isn’t a permanent solution. Great message my dear and a very needed reminder as I observe self-destruction take place around me! It’s a season, the dark/black doesn’t dissolve me or them! Thank you!

  3. Pamela says:

    The punchline of your story for me is Silver is cosest to grey ..dark grey.. jet black..
    o my god how true it is and just a terrific reflection..
    Very very thoughtful Maria jaan 🙂
    I totally agree.. EGO is nothing but ERASING GOD OUT of your life..
    so we sud let go of Ego to live and let live… 🙂

  4. hiba98 says:

    Wow, I like how Pamela defined EGO. Your article has nice message and you also seem to be in a happy mood. Adventurous, shall I say?

  5. Lala Rukh says:

    Well written Maria….thoughts are all scattered but very solid ones….. Hope yes it stays there….Even if we lose it and we say that we still hope…..It stays there and see everything but don’t step up and do anything. You have to hope FROM the things that are killing you from ages…..May be that’s why I hate it.
    Numbness is the best friend…..At least it fades the wounds inside itself if it don’t heal them.
    Black don’t dissolve you but it makes you BLACK…..You don’t see the light then….It hurts !!
    Don’t know how the politics thing relate here and Love the quote of Rumi at the end. Love you……xx

    • randomlyabstract says:

      Hmm. At times, I hate it too. But the sad part is, usey farq nhi parta. WE have to stand up again and hold on to it and silver linings wagera to start anew, because that’s the living principle.
      Numbness.. I don’t know. There is a key somewhere.. Fading away and not knowing is a blessing kabhi.
      Black makes black. True. I’ll think on that one.
      Politics haha well, ek ‘khitaab’ ara tha. Mene kuch bhi aesy soch ke nhi likha. Rumi has some reallyyy wise words. I have a lot of them saved in my favorite closet.
      Jazakillah. 🙂

      • Lala Rukh says:

        Theak kehti ho per ye stand up hona bara mushkil kaam hai yaar ! Achaa tu tum khitaab b sunti ho 😛
        I just peeked into your closet. It is amazing 🙂 Lots of pyar 🙂

  6. cabrogal says:

    Brilliantly grey.

    If life is a blessing, surely it is equally a curse.
    It is only through life we can perceive and judge so it must consist of all dualities, no?

    Of course I’m only saying that because you told me there is no point debating it.

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