Muddyfields_raMuddy fields and roads
where once we walked hand in hand
memories stay now.

‘Hiking with Haiku’ ~ Format: 5-7-5 poetry ~ Haiku #8 ~ Randomly Abstract

25 thoughts on “rec·ol·lec·tion

    1. Beautiful assets they are. =)

      Aj I was going through my totally-stuffed drawer after some long time. It was fun seeing my own things; broken bracelets, letters, gift-wrappers, a lot of ink pens, paint brushes, plus school stuff like essays and speeches wagera! I’ll write a blog on that too, someday. ^_^

      Thank you, Lala! :)

          1. In online syllable counters, “walked” is sometimes erratically grouped with the general di-syllabic order of the past participles though it’s mono-syllabic actually. That’s where High School English classes come in handy.

      1. And so do visit these un-wandered lanes
        Which preserve your fears, joys and pains
        And treasure these pearls as you pass by
        And don’t let them go, until you die…

        Alhamdulillah matlab? :)

        1. Ah. Nicee.
          But they won’t. :)

          People that leave
          leave for a reason
          they teach us how to start
          without hanging on
          to their very existence
          that doesn’t exist.

          But if they do, and return to those forsaken lanes, and collect those ‘pearls’ as they pass by or stay, phir..phir pata nahi. Acha hi hoga . :)
          Alhamdulillah matlab Allah ka shukar. Like, all thanks to God.

          1. Very true :)

            Ah I missed that part… so here it is

            Those lanes have pearls…
            But they are marshy lands…
            We should visit those lanes of memories
            But we must also come back…
            Come back in time…
            So that only impressions are left…
            And we are not trapped.

          2. Hmm. Trap se bachna is important, not dwelling on them is very important, and so is to re-visit those lanes once in a while to learn or pay tribute to those people that once were. :)

            Kia kahun. Ap haen hi poet!

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