kaghaz_kishtiکاغز کی کشتی تھی
جو ھم نے مل کر بنائی تھی
اسے پانی میں چلتا دیکھ کر
کیسے خوش ھوجاتے تھے
بہت سے خواب تھے
جو ھم نے مل کر سجائے تھے
جاگتی انکھوں سے۔۔
جنھیں پورا کرنے کی
تم نے قسم کھائی تھی
بیت سے راز تھے میرے
جو بطور امانت
تمھارے پاس رکھوائے تھے
ایسے راز
جنکی بھنک دنیا میں
کسی دوسرے کو نھیں۔
پھر کیوں؟


24 thoughts on “

  1. Moniba says:

    Reminds me of a poem my bhanja used to sing when he was chhota-er… It’s beautiful, though I get that it’s not supposed to be…
    And I wonderrr……………………………..
    Who it addresses?…

      • Ali Sohani says:

        Well I agree with ladies, Kagaz ki Kashti is kinda obvious hook.
        But in essence I found it more inclining towards Gulzar saheb’s “Mera Kuch Samaan” from great Indian parallel cinema film: “Ijaazat”. 🙂
        The way you’re recalling the past, way you’re referencing the images of moments by-gone, and way there’s an underlying state a grievance and you ask a question. Similarities are stark.
        If this is a coincidence, it’s nothing less than a magic. If it’s not, then it’s nothing less than a wonderful tribute. 🙂

    • randomlyabstract says:

      Hmm. What if’s and questions and memories, they do haunt quite much. Glad you liked my kaawish! 🙂 The image in the post is what inspired me. And yupp ‘wo kaghiz ki kashti wo baarish ka paani’ ❤

      Have you read Bachpan ka December?

  2. Arindam Saha says:

    Phir kyun?
    Phir kyun wo naav aakhir doob gaye?
    Phir kyun wo dariyah sookh gayaa?
    Phir kyun wo sapne toot gaye?
    Phir kyun wo raaz aakhir khul gaya?

    Chale to the do naav saath us chhor se
    Phir kyun manjhdhaar mein ek naav chhot gaya?


    chhor = kinaaraa
    manjhdhaar = opposite of kinaraa; nadi ke beech mein

    Yahi poochh rahin thin na aap? 😛
    Translate kar detin… jaldi samajh jaata 🙂

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