2014, Lala's Wedding Week

“Guest post: Oysters in Sea”

These words which I write in endless flow
These words which shine in their eternal glow
These words which carry emotions pristine
O please be my witness in these moments divine
O carriers of love and emotions and tears
Inscribed within you are haunting fears
O messengers of joy, destroyers of pain
The poet’s heart, dancing in rain
May all the words of ecstasy and hope
And blessings and love and joys elope
May a star so bright, glow in your heart
That the darkness of sorrows be torn apart.

*Hides the gift, wrapped in the glittering wrapper*

Never in my wildest of dreams had I imagined that life in the blogosphere would lead to this day. A day when I would be celebrating the most innovative wedding on the planet. And that too the wedding of my sister. Words after all are not mere words…

Dear Lala, you are truly one of the most simple, amazing, lovely, stupid, notorious and childishly arrogant persons I have ever met. And as Maria and Mani have pointed out, one of the best horror writers. Yaar seriously… Tu horror films ki script writer ban ja. 😛

*picks up a laddoo from a plate nearby*

Haan so… Kahaan tha main? Oh ya… So miss… oh sorry missus Lala, the stupid and notorious, please continue to be what you are. I like it that way 😉

And by the way, here I do present to you, the bride of the evening; the most economical gift ever possible – costing me no money! But I hope you would like this very very special gift – Oysters in Sea.



Opened it? Good. (Download bhi kar le) Not too well polished, but that’s all I could do in 2 days. I hope to meet you in the comments.

OK… Enough of the blabbering. Frankly I had no idea of what I would ‘speak’. But to conclude, Lala! Not many have the opportunity to have their weddings celebrated on a blog. The people who do get the opportunity, are surely not worth a grain of sand. They are worth a pearl in the sea – or even more. So never ever underestimate your worth. Wishing you the best of married life ahead.

With millions of dreams in eyes O Bird!
With songs in heart, still unheard
Fly off to the distant lands
Across the oceans and desert sands
May a peaceful, divine land await
May you fly across the heaven’s gate!

This post is dedicated to Lalarukh, written by Arindam Saha. 

19 thoughts on ““Guest post: Oysters in Sea”

  1. Thank you so much Maria 🙂

    Aur haan Maria… Do you want me to add a page to the book on your behalf? Agar haan to bataa dijiyega… Plus any other suggestions are most welcome…

    And another request… You know, art is not my cup of tea… I would be highly grateful if you could provide a decent cover to the book too 🙂 (Abhi nahin to baad mein sahi) 🙂

    Thanks again 🙂

    • The poems and paragraphs, and the gift thing: TOTALLY AMAZING! And very creative.
      Especially your lines about words and connections, from page ‘before you proceed’, so true.
      Thank you for the post, guest. And for the book related offer. But I guess it is great just as it is. About the cover, as much as it’ll be an honor for me to do so, I don’t think I’ll be able to come up with something deserving. If I may, I will.
      Thank you for the post. I’m sure Lala will love it. 🙂

      • 🙂 GUEST??? Main to ise apnaa hi ghar samjha tha 🙂 😉

        P.S. Thank you for the appreciation… Speech mein samajh mein nahin aaya kya likhoon… Shaadiyaan sahi mein ladkiyon ke speeches ke liye hi banaa hai 😛

  2. the whole new life awaits you with open arms
    may God fill your life with lots of charms;
    smile looks good on ua face
    it suits u perfect like a nice lace;
    life will maybe get wrse smetime
    but hope fr best everytime;
    God is with you no matter what happens
    life is never easy it seldom happens;
    may this relation be a bright sun
    never let it go n always have fun;
    my prayers are always with you
    and m always with you….


  3. Hello my dearest, loveliest, prettiest, greatest, beloved friends ! *Ahm* *Ahm*
    I was actually going to say WOW, OMG and Thanks kind of stuff but then while writing them I realized I have ran out of words. Words can be useless sometimes, don’t you think ? But what is the way then, to express feelings ? I tried to write a poem for expressing my heartiest gratitude but I couldn’t complete it and I ‘back-spaced’ it.
    And here I am again, trying to tell you people how much I love you and Arindam……. Ab batao me kya bolun yaaaaaar ? ? ? Tum kya ho bhae kya ho ?
    You just have given me the BEST gift anyone can give to anything…… SERIOUSLY !! You know I was curious while opening it…and when I opened and realized what you have done, I was like feeling out of this world. Itna pyara, Itna cute, Itna respectable gift…..You must know, I LOVE that……I LOVE it……
    You know there were poems which I forgot I ever wrote them and I read them again today, all of them.Including you wonderful responses. May be that’s why It took me a lot of time to reply to your post Maria.
    Ab please khud samajh jao k muje kitna acha laga hai ye gift aur meray dil me tumhari respect kitni barh gae hai bhae…..Mujay batana nae ara *Wipes a little tear coming out from right eye*
    I should stop writing that stupid speech I guess…It makes no sense 😦 But my tears do ! And you should understand what I’m trying to say…You should….

    • And you ‘back-spaced’ another pearl 🙂

      Main kya hoon? Tu mujhe jaisa dekhna chaahegi main wahi hoon… tera bhai… magician… tera dost… zombie… bhoot… chamgaadar… ullu… kuchh bhi… Tu bas bataa mujhe ban na kya hai 😉

      Timing of the comment… 2:29 AM IST… And you read all the poems before commenting… Okay… So ek baat bataa… kal se aaj tak tu kitne litre paani waste kar chuki hai? Itna mat roya kar… dehydration ho jaayega… and Lyallpur mein sookha pad jayega 😛

      *Gives a Glucon D… Orange flavour to recover from dehydration* 🙂

      Mujhe bahut bahut bahut zyaadaa khushi hui ki tujhe gift achchha lagaa 🙂

      Chal ab rona bandh kar… Khushi mein log hanste hain… rote nahin…

  4. That….. is the most awesome gift ever!! And Lala, you are one of the most gifted writers ever!! You put real emotions in every poem, and they were all meaningful!
    P.S Mr. Arindam, the book is great. The title, the setting, the theme, the words, all the pages…. Like a real book.

    • Glad that you liked the book…

      This was written in ‘Latex’… A ‘software’ used for scientific writing… I tried to make it look like a book… Fir bhi… making an attractive cover page seemed too much of a task for the scientific writing software 😛

  5. This is reallly sweet and beautifully written. 🙂
    Lala I’m not as good writer as you guys are so kuch likhne se muazrat chahte hain. But always praying for you insha’Allah 🙂

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  7. ahhha Lala..I just went thru the gift you recieved.
    I must say this is the most treasured gift one can ever receive and you are blessed to have this.
    Also we are blessed to have a pure soul like you.
    A grain of pure sand that makes a pearl of sheer beauty- YOU.
    Bless you!

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