2014, Event, Lala's Wedding Week

Jo khaye wo pachtaye!

This is the last post in the Wedding Week series.

Lalarukh, the first most beautiful and noticeable thing about you, which I like a lot, is your name. And the second best thing I think, is your sincerity and creativity.

You once wrote how fake ‘I understand you’ type phrases are could be, and that one doesn’t actually need them because another doesn’t really understand. I agree with that. Nobody knows anybody very well, they don’t see where we come from, how we think, what we do. But the thing is, Lala, we’re all a bunch of readers and writers. And words are powerful creatures that crawl right inside without us knowing, or knowing still.

I wish for you the best as your ‘real events’ now begin. Have an exciting journey ahead, lots of best wishes and prayers sent your way. ♥

Lalarukh_RAP.S. I wish this was a better last-post-type-thing but I’m almost out of words. Oh, Aiman has to say something:

Lala_A_RASo yes, may Allah bless you both and keep you people happy together, in the best of health, imaan, and everything.

نیک تمناٗوٗں کے ساتھ۔
ھمیشہ خوش رھئے۔

*sobs, sobs*
**some sad rukhsati songs in bg**


Thank you all for being a part of this. Your support and presence made this week’s celebration possible. (:
Special thanks to Moniba for painting the header and helping me out in deciding the background, Rexie and Aiman for their beautiful poems, Arindam for his guest post, Sahil, Ahmed Usman, and Mani for the Reblogs and all those who commented, thank you for adding colors here!


21 thoughts on “Jo khaye wo pachtaye!

  1. I love your name too, Lala!
    Lala yaar, you will surely miss this single life, once you are married. So jitne din baakhi hain enjoy it…naaz nakhrey karo…bhaiyon ko uthane do nakhrey ;). Sleep in till afternoon, be lazy, be in in your pjs all day long( being a desi i know theres a risk oF getting verbally smacked for your “bachpana”, but I will say,take the risk). Cz once you sign IT, hogaya kaam tamam. 😛 there will be no araam, no more carefree days. Your dad wont be there to protect you from everything. But I hope and pray your in laws treat you like their own daughter and not their son’s wife. Hope they make you happy n never let you miss your maika. Praying your life to be wonderful and beautiful as you are. Aaameen 🙂 *hugs*. Ok last filmy scene from my side * Jaa lala jaa, jee lele apni zindagi* Geddit? 😉
    Maria- song lagado bidai wla koi hahah. Babul ki duaayeinnn leti jaa…or rehendo our banno will start crying phir. 😛

    • Haye Thank youMiss M 😛 Muje apna naam kabi acha nae laga wesay 😛
      Yes you are right single life k mazay will never ome again but yaar meray nakhray uthatay e nae koi b 😦 They are busy doing preparations for themselves kisi ki shirt match nae ker rae aur kisi ki tie 😛
      But I have prepared myself for the tough life coming ahead. Thank you a thousand times for your precious Duaa’s ! Ameen to them all. Love you so much !
      P.S I’m already crying 😉

  2. may Allah grant lala peace n happiness..
    may she always cherishin her life/……..
    best wishes lala…. n plzz do send me ua wedding pics through mail plzz plzz plzzz

  3. Maria, first of all my apologies for replying late 😦 I am feeling so embarrassed, you did so much for me and I couldn’t even take out time to read it in time. I am sorry !
    And I LOVE all your Dua’s, all your precious words. Thank you Maria…I’m lucky to have you guys ! Thank you for liking my name and all this Makhan 😉
    Or Maria yes I said that no one can truly understand your problems but you know reasons can be different but pain is the same…everyone has to go through it at some point in life so I guess you always need someone to share your pain with.
    Bohat Bohat Bohat shukriya for making my wedding a memorable one ! You are the loveliest and liveliest person I’ve ever met !
    Thank you people, Arindam, Aiman, Miss M, Rekha and every erson who participated here. Your support and Love means a lot !
    *Sobs sobs* *Hugging you and crying*
    Love you s much Maria….So much for arranging such a beautiful event for me. For all your priceless love.
    Will meet you after my wedding, hopefully InshAllah 🙂
    Take care 🙂

    • haha ye makhan nahi hy, i really like your name n all. socha btadun because ‘simpler pleasures of existence’ you know.
      And tauba, you don’t need to apologize for that. Agr busy na hti aur foran comment kiya hota, to wo ziada ghalat bat hojati 😛 Because you had guests at your place, and you should’ve been busy, its your shaadi after all. 😉
      Hmm, everybody goes through something someday that changes their life and everything, so you see pain is a connector that way.

      Bohat bohat walaikum-shukriya 🙂 I REALLY enjoyed doing this. ^_^ So yea, my pleasure. Will meet you after your wedding iA, as in seriously. Karachi me. It’s NOT bad, neither scary or whatever. Remember that last time you said you were afraid of coming here? That was one particular time jab halaat kharab thy. Ab sab theek hy. Waqai.
      See, everything has a good ending. (happy nhi, good.) And if it isn’t good, it isn’t the end yet. (i read that somewhere, not that wise myself.)

      Haha *sobs more* Mjhse Samar ki shadi me roya hi nhi gya tha. People were like behn ki shadi hy, ro. I felt pathetic.
      Take lotsa care, have lotsa fun.
      – Maria.

  4. Oh shit! Late ho gaya… Stupid internet connection… Anyways… All the best Lala… for your wedding… Will be waiting for you to come back 🙂 Zyada rona mat :P…

    And Maria… Thank you so much for appreciation… Congrats on hosting the function successfully… Agar FB etc. pe Lala mile to mere taraf se use wishes de dijiyega… OK?

  5. ohh such a heart warming wish fr a friend.
    ohh Lala is married now! Lala welcome to the club.
    My sincere wishes for you dear to be blessed and blissful always. 🙂
    N Maria wen r u joining our club? 😛

  6. This seems like such a great thing, I guess I’m late to this party 😦
    All I can say now is wish you very very best for your this new beginning and era. May Allah be with you every step of the way. May you find love and prosperity !

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