Who? She? She’s a Housewife.

She does nothing but a house-hold jobs few! A mother, a teacher, a guide, doctor, nurse, an alarm clock, Imam she is. One who looks after them all, fulfilling their needs and the society’s.

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career. ” – C.S. Lewis.

Well done, Pamela. You’re just so talented!

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She wakes up at dawn,
Relinquishing her yawn.
Slips out of the blankets,
No sounds from her trinkets.

So that she doesn’t disturb your sleep.
She would choke her giggles and quieten her weep.

She prepares the breakfast,
and bites the crumbs at last.
“Parantha again!”, she hears you blast.

She’s forgotten she likes Ginger tea.
She’s forgotten who is she.


She warms the water for you to bath.
She warms her heart to endure your wrath.
Chooses your clothes, presses them hard.
If at all that will make you glad.

She turns the newspaper
and you snatch it from her hands.
She doesn’t know what’s inside her,
Why may she worry about unknown lands!

She goes to the grocer, the laundry and the milkman.
With you in your office.
she can no more stay a “woman”.

But you will return soon
and show her her right place.
She wouldn’t…

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3 thoughts on “Who? She? She’s a Housewife.

  1. surprisebjg says:

    This should not remain same for next ten years women’s should be gain the same equality with man all over the world not just in some countries or city’s but in every corner of the world where the women’s and humans living.

  2. Pamela says:

    Hey Maria!
    Thanks a ton dearie.. for reblogging this.
    I am on and off my blog these days..with a crucial thing round the corner of my life now.
    Opened my blog today and found a 100 followers, so many lovely people, their compliments and acknowledgements…
    I owe it to you all 🙂
    Need your prayers and wishes for the rest of my life.
    Loads of love, luck and lovely wishes for you my Dear!
    God bless!!

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