Tabula rasa

Erasers are one of the best things man created for his feasibility. They let you rub out the bluntest of mistakes, and the darkest of errors; giving that fake impression of a clean, blank sheet by actually putting ‘originality’ (if such a thing exists) at stake.

Can a word re-written have the same effect as the Written Word?

The problem is, that even after erasing a blot of black from your sheet of white, you don’t necessarily forget what was there before. By blurring that image over there, you kinda make it more prominent on your mind’s slate.
They are awfully good at keeping such memories, by the way.


A Tabula rasa is a blank slate in Latin. Or “the mind in its hypothetical primary blank or empty state before receiving outside impressions”, according to Webster’s. Clicking on the image will direct you to the T.R. theory (which I wasn’t going to explain anyway).

My point is: Humans make mistakes. Mistakes make humans human. But erasers keep you from acting responsibly, at times, by telling you that it’s OK to do that again for even a hundred times if you may β€” blinding you from the fact that this would eventually tear an otherwise precious paper offβ€” in the most brutal of ways.


26 thoughts on “Tabula rasa

  1. rjl2727 says:

    yea, amazing how we use erasers to rub people out of our lives, and then, we try to redraw them to our fancy, but it is never the same.

  2. hiba98 says:

    Wow. I like the message you gave in the end. I’ve read your blog after quite long and really enjoyed it πŸ˜‰

      • hiba98 says:

        Everything is fine here. I’m having exams now. They’ll end on the 3rd of June. 😦
        But actually, they’re very simple to me. All the hard work is paying off πŸ™‚

        • randomlyabstract says:

          Oh! My exams are starting soon, too. And they’ll end on the same day! πŸ™‚ [we’ll celebrate together!] ^_^
          All the best for your papers and everything ahead, Hiba. You’ll do great i’A. =)

          • hiba98 says:

            Oh wow! We actually will celebrate. I don’t know how, but we will :p
            I hope you do well in your exams too. All the best πŸ˜€

          • randomlyabstract says:

            Thank youuu. I do really need prayers. My sleep and hunger are so out-of-control nowadays, it scares me. πŸ˜›
            Oh yes, we will!! I can’t wait for 3rd June to come! ^-^

          • hiba98 says:

            Oh, I’ve been having the same problems. I’ve had so much on my mind you know? I have to manage my exams, and also an on coming event.
            So I eat and sleep at all the wrong timings….
            And you know, just the day before my first exam I had gotten food poisoning. That was terrible, because I was drained of all energy and was worried that I’d get a drip and won’t be able to attend my exam. Thankfully, I had gotten better by the evening. So I sat and revised my entire textbook all in one night.
            And it did pay off.My exam had been absolutely incredible. Alhamdulillah.
            I know you’ll do well in your exams. Just don’t over stress yourself and don’t burn yourself out, okay?
            And don’t forget to pray and seek God’s help.
            I’ll pray for you πŸ˜€

          • randomlyabstract says:

            Awh, you sweet person! I won’t stress out, I hope. Inshaa Allah. Thank you ever so much for your kind prayers! ❀
            And ouch about the food poisoning part. It really is terrible. But shukar your paper went great! ^-^ Mine are starting from the 22nd of May. There are four of them, and I haven’t even started… But well, gotta do that from tomorrow! Thank you again, it’s so nice hearing from you.

            P.S. You were planning a visit to Pak, right? And then I was to be your host in Karachi, remember? πŸ˜‰ I’m hoping that happens soon! πŸ˜€

          • hiba98 says:

            Yeah, we’ve decided to be in Pakistan after Eid. That will be immediately after eid.:D
            I really do hope that I get to meet you. Then I’ll finally have a friend Pakistan,’cause usually I feel like a loner in PK. It gets me depressed. Hopefully, I won’t be so depressed this year πŸ™‚

  3. Marion says:

    I read your Tabula Rasa and I like it. Sometimes in my life, I use this phrase, because it has an intensive explentary power. When you make Tabula Rasa in your life, you can start once more in a different way. But ultimately you never can run away from your storages (subconsciousness, soul). So, an eraser just deleted the surface, but can’t delete things located deeper.

    Maybe I subscribe to your blog, maybe my English is enough to understand your posts on the whole. I have no practice since many years.

    • randomlyabstract says:

      Hey Marion!
      Thank you so very much for commenting! I’m very honored that you’ve come.

      Yes, you are right. Even if we do ‘Tabula Rasa’, we can still not run away from the storages; the subconscious and the soul. The term, however, intrigues me. The concept of ‘Tabula Rasa’, of deleting things from the surface and starting anew, or learning things from a fresh state of mind is interesting. Is it possible though? Because like you said, it can’t delete things located deeper~..

      I had told Magdalena that I will install a translator for her…so that she could translate my English posts into German if she likes… but she’s no more. I have written a post about her.

      Thank you again, I’m looking forward to translating your blog and reading your awesome stuff! πŸ™‚

      • Marion says:

        Hello Maria,

        I help me with and, the grammatical things I learned at school (British English, of course :P).

        You ask: Is it possible though? Yes, I think so. If…

        This “if” implies a lot of requirements, such a process needs. Perhaps everyone has to define this requirements for him- or herself. I’m pretty sure, it isn’t our will, which supports this process prior-ranking, although the decision for growth and transformation is required.

        Thank you for coming to my blog. I hope you succeed to translate.

        We will read each other… πŸ™‚


        • randomlyabstract says:

          Yesβ€” this “if” must imply a lot of requirements. But the fact that it isn’t in our will which supports the process prior-ranking, is important. It opens thinking to another new dimension.
          Tabula Rasa could be a way to discovering self. But there must be other applicable ways too.
          Thank you so much, Marion. You’re definitely wise! I think (I hope) I will learn quite many things from you!

          Oh and we people use British Eng too. It isn’t my native language either. πŸ™‚ Your blog is greatβ€” I’ll surely keep coming and translating! We will read each other! ❀

          • Marion says:

            It’s a pretty new experience to me, to exchange views in English. But it seems, if it could work.

            What’s your native language? Where do you come from originally? Where do you life now?

            Thank you very much for calling me “wise”. It honours me. I’m impressed by your thoughtfulness and deep views of life.

            I wonder what about we will tell with each other in future πŸ˜‰
            It’s a kind of exciting adventure to me.

          • randomlyabstract says:

            It’s exciting for me too. And it’s wonderful knowing a lovely person like you!

            Oh and I know what I will tellβ€” I will say that I lost a friend, Magdalena, and the loss is irreplaceable and makes me feel miserableβ€” but I also found a very nice friend who loves flowers like I do, and who is much fun to talk to!

            I am from Pakistan. So my native language is Urdu. A blume is a phool in urdu! πŸ˜‰

          • Marion says:

            Oh, I never before talked with someone from Pakistan. And I never heard from “Urdu”. How do you pronounce phool? Not like “fool”?!

            Thank you very much Maria for your kind words.

            I wish you a relaxing evening.

          • randomlyabstract says:

            Cool, so I am the first Pakistani introducing you to us. ^_^
            We pronounce phool as pool with an ‘h’ after ‘p’, and not like we say ‘fool’. πŸ™‚

            Thank you too, Marion. Have a great time ahead!β™₯

          • Marion says:

            I love water, so perhaps in my head I can link “pool” with a little h after p with “Blume” πŸ™‚

            Till next time… πŸ™‚

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