2014, Urdu musings

سنگ مرمر کا فرش پریوں کے محل میں
شیشے کے خول میں پانی کی بوندیں
جھڑی در جھڑی گری جا رہی ہیں
کہ معلوم ہوتا یے
کسی نے جادو کر رکھا ہو۔۔۔

مگر ان کا وقار انہیں پھسلنے نہیں دیتا۔

جھڑی در جھڑی یہ گری جا رہی ہیں
مگر ان کا ٹہراو
انہیں کھنکنے نہیں دیتا۔

موسیقی کی تھاپ میں
دھن در دھن اُتر آ رہی ہیں
شیشے کے خول میں پانی کی بوندیں۔۔۔

قوس و قزح کے رنگ اپنائے
آبشار سے یوں نکلتی جائیں
کہ جیسے
فنا و بقا کے تمام جھگڑے
کہیں دور چھوڑ آئی ہوں
جاوداں ہونے کو۔۔۔ ۔

ماریہ عمران۔

Sang-e-marmar ka farsh hae paryon ke mehal men
Sheeshay ke khol me paani ki boonden
Jharri dar jharri giri ja rahi haen
ke maloom hota hae
kisi ne jaado kar rakha ho…

Magar in ka waqaar inhen phisalnay nahi deta.

Jharri dar jharri ye giri ja rahi haen
Magar in ka tehhrao
Inhen khinaknay nahi deta.

Mauseeqi ki thaap me
Dhun dar dhun utar aa rahi haen
Sheeshay ke khol me paani ki boonden…

Qos o Qazaah ke rang apnaaye
Abshaar se yun nikalti jaen
ke jesay
Fana o baqa ke tamaam jhagdey
Kaheen door chorrey aai hun
Javidaan honey ko.. .



18 thoughts on “

    • Sorry about that. Just updated the post with the roman-text translation. 🙂

      [Sang-e-marmar is marble; the Taj mehal kind. 😉 Paryan are fairies, sheesha is glass, khol is the covering, jharri dar jharri is like ‘qitaar dar qitaar’ or line after line; it’s only the way they’re falling: respectively, gracefully.

      Tehhrao is again in their movement, mausiqi is music; I guess you know most of these. Javidaan hona is immortality. The forever-kind-of-success. Qos o qazah is rainbow and an aabshaar is a nehar or a fountain; from where these droplets emerge.]

  1. Blogger says:

    Sorry, when I write here off-topic. I only want to inform you about Magdalena of yarnwuseleien.com
    You aked, if she has been ill. Yes, she was. She has had cancer in the bones.
    Very very very bad, that she must go now, much too young.
    Sorry for my bad english.

    Best wishes for you
    only a blogger

    • She had cancer! I never knew this…
      This news is very, very depressing and I am having a hard time believing it. She died! I just don’t know what to say or do. This is heart-breaking.

      Thank you for informing me.
      Peace and blessings.

    • Thank you so much, NS! Bohat shukriya. =)
      I love Urdu because of its deep expressions and simple, flawless style. And also because it is my very own. 🙂
      I’m very glad you stopped by! Keep visiting.

      • NS says:

        Oh shukriya ki koi baat nahi:)…You don’t get to meet many people these days who adore and take pride in Urdu. So I always feel a deep appreciation for those who do. Keep at it:)!!

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